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Map of Us is currently Sold Out ❤️‍🩹

♥ The next opportunity to purchase will be on July 21st, 1pm EST at this site ♥

  • Mini Map of Us

    • 5 locations
    • $300-$350
    • 11x14 in.
    • 11 in. Teakwood Magnetic Hanging Frame
  • Original Map of Us

    • 8 locations
    • $650-$700
    • Features a timeline of your relationship - from the time you met up to the present.
    • 16x20 in.
    • 16 in. Teakwood Magnetic Hanging Frame
  • The Premium Map of Us!

    • 12 locations
    • $800-$850
    • Features a timeline of your relationship - from the time you met up to the present.
    • 16x20 in.
    • 16 in. Teakwood Magnetic Hanging Frame


💭 How can I purchase?

Due to the demand, I release custom map slots via monthly drops at this site. I will announce the date/time beforehand, and the maps will be made available for purchase right at the designated time. Once all of the slots have been purchased, the Map of Us will be marked as sold out.

🗺 What do you mean by "Locations"?

  • A location is a spot on the map that captures a special memory or time in your relationship. This could be your first date spot, your wedding venue, your home together, a favorite vacation, etc.
  • Each location can also feature small drawings that reference unique moments, such as an activity you did together or a meal you shared.
  • For Example, a vacation to Italy could include: the Amalfi Coast, wine & cheese, and backpaking gear.

🐕‍🦺 Can I include pets and/or kids on my map?

Absolutely! I'm happy to incorporate your pets and kids into your map, in addition to your chosen locations. Pets and kids do not count as one location on their own.

💌 What happens after I purchase?

Once you place your order, you will be sent a Relationship Questionnaire via email, which includes guided prompts that will allow you to share stories & photos of important milestones, special places, memorable trips, hobbies, pets, kids, and cherished memories. This will ensure that your map celebrates the aspects of your relationship that matter most to you. (If this map is gift, feel free to forward this to the recipient for them to fill out).

• After the questionnaire has been completed, I'll begin crafting your one-of-a-kind map!

• Next, you will receive a Finished Draft 1-2 weeks before your promised ship date. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and request any necessary changes or additions to ensure that every detail is perfect.

• If changes are requested, please allow 2-3 days for me to adjust and finalize. At this point, a High-Resolution file of your map will be sent to you. And for US orders, your physical print will be on its way. ❤️


❤️ Do you offer a Digital Option?


Digital Only Pricing
Mini Map of Us: $300
Original Map of Us: $650
Premium Map of Us: $800

What you receive:

  • High-Resolution Digital File of your custom map; which can be used for additional printing at any size, wedding invitations, wedding displays, and much more 🖼
  • All internationl orders are digital only.

📬 Do you take International Orders?

Yes! Although I'm unable to ship physical maps internationally, all international orders will receive a high-resolution digital file to print & frame locally at any size.